Digimon Adventure

Once there was a boy named Ty his dream was to be a pro digimon card player…He had to show that he was the best,to show that he always had the flow!He always has embarrassing moments like when he lost his breath while swimming in a pool.It was the first fight,His necklace glowed while his heart was beating Boom,Boom,Boom…The Bully has finally came.Time to fight!He had a giant digimon named “ANGEMON” And Ty’s small digimon had a little chance. Ty’s digimons name is Agumon!

He shouted loudly “AGUMON USE PEPPER BREATH!!!”                                                                                  He quickly shot a ball of fire.It was a direct hit.He beamed in delight :).But suddenly Angemon shot a arrow of truth at him.It looked like angemon was angry.The bully snigered Cheekly…Ty shouted “USE PEPPER BREATH AND MAKE IT AS BIG AS YOU CAN GOT IT AGUMON?”                                                                                                                  Agumon shot a giant beam of fire at his heart.Angemon could’nt continue!Looks like the bully was not strong enough.Suddenly Agumon changed he grew into a giant dinosaur. Ty suddenly jumped back in shock,He got his digivice and scanned him.His name came up as Greymon And Rareness:Rare “You just got lucky”said the bully Ty put him back in the card and went home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PART 2 COMING OUT SOON Digmon the movie!

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2 Responses to Digimon Adventure

  1. Joseph O says:

    Click digimon for the movie.by the way This was a old t-v show but I made the story!

  2. Miss Eccleston says:

    Joe, I’ve just clicked on the link and had a look! I think your story could be the next part 3 🙂

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