Digimon part 3!

There was a sudden flash,Lilimon was full of rage.She thought in her head “I have no chance of beating him :P.” Just then she thought of something.Ty trotted with WarGreymon towards the human/Digmon mixed together tribe.They’re king angrily shot towards the wolf digimon temple.Ty stalked him.Lilimon,the queen was also following.A gem was on Lilimons spear(It was’nt there before).Ty mysteriosly looked at it.WarGreymon looked behind him and saw the Gem of life.He jumped towards Lilimon and stole it from her.Her form changed.She turned into a wolf kind.The tribe were very shocked.The human and the wolf tribe shouted”YOU BETRAYED US!!!” WarGreymon digivolved again.He turned into a smaller digimon but he had a sword with Lilimons gem sealed into it.

Lilimon/WarGarurumon ran away but VictoryGreymon quickly grabbed her.Ty put his digivice up and locked her inside it.She was forced to become good.The tribe cheered happily.They all walked in joy to there rightful places.


The end. 🙁 Very end of series.Sad but now you know what happened.


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