The cave,part two

The boy ran through the dark misty cave and started shivering,it was getting cold…A bat slapped his wing on his face and he jumped back in shock.He ran away quickly with blood slowly following him.A dark coloured snake slithered it’s way up his leg,he kicked his leg and it turned into pure dust.A giant figure was coming towards him.The boy jumped into his bed hiding hoping the dark figure won’t find him.The dark figures steps was coming closer.It pulled open the covers

He closed his eyes and woke up in his house.His heart leapt with fear.

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2 Responses to The cave,part two

  1. Josh says:

    That was a great piece of writing and I love the picture. This year we have started doing paragraphs like that for assessment. Are you going to make another one? Is this your first try at this type of writing skill?

  2. Joe O says:

    no,this is not the first.Also this is my type of writing!

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