My wonderful Garden

One beautiful sunny evening ,I skipped joyfully into my huge garden.As I peered to the left ,I saw the last golden leaf falling gently from a small tree.I saw the petal of my daisy shine in the bright ball of light.The green grass gently swished in the wind and the blue sky turned as orange as a peach.The air started to get warmer and my cheeks started to turn red like a fresh new tomato.The water from the water fountain started to run faster.My heart started to beat quicker as the bees flew near me .slowly the sky got darker…

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3 Responses to My wonderful Garden

  1. Mrs. Middleton Team 100WC says:

    What a lovely piece of writing, Nikola. As I have a love of my garden I was able to see each step you took, feel the warmth of the last rays of sun and hear the “swishing of the grass”. Your similes added to the overall feel of the piece. For example, “my cheeks started to turn red like a fresh new tomato”, and “as orange as a peach”. Within a few words you were able to take me on a peaceful and majestic walk. Thank you. Great writing.

    Mrs. Middleton Team 100WC

  2. What a wonderful, descriptive piece Nikola. I love how it begins with an innocent, peaceful atmosphere and then towards the end, you cleverly show that something more sinister is happening with the fountains speeding up and the sky getting darker. Well done.

  3. Rose says:

    Wow, this is a lovely piece of work. It is very descriptive.

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