Sunshine On Leith

Like 3 weeks ago I went to the cinema to see a film called Sunshine On Leith it is a brilliant film I seen it before it even came out because my mum gets free from sky. It is a musical but funny. It’s about two men who came back from the army and they meet people and fall in love. It’s a PG so I’m aloud to watch it it’s very good I feel sorry for there friend in the film because he has no legs because of the war. The songs in it are very good is well my favourite on is at the end it is called 500 miles.


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  1. dexter fletcher says:

    my name is Dexter. I am the man who directed Sunshine on Leith. i help all the people in the story with their words and songs and together we practice the dances so when we film everybody knows what to do and enjoys themselves. it’s always important for people to practice very hard for whatever they do so its best it can be and everyone is happy. i’m very happy that you enjoyed Sunshine On Leith and it has some great songs in it that you like. Thank you. Dexter

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