It was a beautiful sunny day when it happened. I was taking a stroll in the park with my friend, we had just been playing football and eating cookie dough ice cream. It was in the dirty murky water of the pond were the mouldy legs with old boots stuck up. I didn’t know if it was a joke or not ,and if the person was alive or not .Not knowing what to do we slowly shivered closer.We muttered  in agreement that the person must be dead.Confused by it all we carried on home telling friends about it.

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  1. Mr Connor says:

    You have a great range of sentence starters here, well done. I’m really pleased to see you thinking about your vocabulary as well – muttered is a great choice.

    You have changed from ‘I’ to ‘we’ – stay consistent. Also, if you found somebody dead in a pond, might you inform the police?!

    Mr Connor

  2. I agree with Mr Connor, he makes some excellent points.
    I like your use of cookie dough ice cream – one of my favourites! Have you tried peanut butter ice cream – surprisingly good!

    Keep up the excellent work
    Team 100wc

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