100wc – Aaron and Lauren

On the lovely morning as the light enveloped the landscape.Mr cockado was getting his new shining 250 horsepower speed boat ready for some super fishing.He let out his fishing rod and unbelievably on his first catch he caught a massive 20 pound saw fish, but as he thought the fish was weakening, it suddenly shot forward, which caused the boat to speed after it, but the boat was heading for a jagged rock. The boat split cleanly in two and the boat capsized and that’s how the Mr Cockado ended up in the crystal, blue lake stinky head first.

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  1. Mr Connor says:

    Hi Aaron and Lauren,

    A very entertaining story here. You have chosen some of your vocabulary very carefully here. Maybe you could check the long sentence in the middle – could it be punctuated a little better?

    Mr Connor

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