Mina meets the stranger

Feeling worried and anxious , I finally saw the scrawny lanky old man curled up in the dusty old clogged up corner of the wobbling garage. His sea green eyes lifted and looked straight at me and Michael , I stepped backwards as brave Michael pored  the cold golden beer into the dry open rotten mouth .I hardened my clutch on Michaels hand as the crooked man spoke ,his voice was deep and croaky it was like he hadn’t spoke in three hundred years .As I walked away my heart sunk and slowed down , I felt bad because I didn’t help the poor man . My heart was going one way and my brain was going another .As I climbed into bed that night I tossed and turned I pictured the man on the cold hard floor , he would be so uncomfortable I thought to my self.

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6 Responses to Mina meets the stranger

  1. Mrs Churchill says:

    You are really trying to build a picture with your words.

  2. alex says:

    I like the bit the scrawny lank old man. :]

  3. leon says:

    Hi William your post was great I love how you use pairs of words.

  4. Nikola says:

    Well done William.You used a range of adjectives ,powerful phrases and sentence starters!

    Nikola 🙂

  5. William says:

    Thank you Mrs Churchill I will take this compliment in mind

  6. Aksa says:

    William I like the way you have used lots of descriptive word and phrases which paints a picture in my mind.

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