I saw it. I saw him. I saw death. I tried to run quickly but my eyes were glued to him. Huge teeth,cold mind,bloody sore lips,dirty breath. Zuzanna gripped my shivering hand and pulled me before the monster would get me… My mind was busy and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Is this only my imagination? Is this a dream? Is it really there? I had to many questions for me to answer. Suddenly,me and Zuzanna found an shelter so the monster dosent find us. He was still looking for us. His pale skin was all dirty and ripped. Me and Zuzanna waited until he would stop.

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6 Responses to 100wc

  1. miki says:

    To Nikola,
    Wow, what fantastic horror and excititment! I loved that story. You are such a good writer. Can you tell me more?

  2. Emma says:

    Wow, Nikola! That is an excellent 100wc, it’s very descriptive and makes the reader want to read on! Just don’t forget that you need a space after a full stop or a comma. Other than that, I love it! Emma.

  3. Nikola says:

    Thank you Miki.I will try to write some more of the 100wc.
    🙂 I’m happy that you like it!


  4. Nikola says:

    Thank you Emma!

  5. Mr Furlong (team 100) Norwich says:

    Thanks Nikola- I love the way you start- a series of short sentences helping to build tension. I also like the words you use to describe the creature, and your own shivering hand. You have also asked questions well to keep the reader thinking.

  6. Nikola says:

    Thank you Mr Furlong
    I added lots of questions to make the reader read on.

    Nikola 🙂

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