The shed…

It was 1 AM, wolfs howled, little girls screamed, I was outside,looking at the shed. There was loud banging inside the shed, my eyes widened in fear. It went quite for a minute, just then some claws came through the shed door. I jumped behind a tree. The door smashed open. I heard a loud growl, It put it’s claws through the tree. I ducked my head, just missing it’s claws. I popped my head out to have quick look. It had fur all over, it’s eyes were red, it’s teeth was sharper then a knife, it was taller then the shed…I threw a tennis ball over to the shed. It ran towards the ball and chewed it into tiny pieces.

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7 Responses to The shed…

  1. Evie says:

    Love it! The vocabulary is amazing, like the use of adjectives. Like the words, the time. Well done!

    • Haylie says:

      I love the creativity and description in your piece! You did a really good job. Here is my website, so maybe you can check out my 100wc too!

  2. Miss Payne says:

    Hi Joe,

    You have done some great work. Your opening is fantastic! Just remember to check your spelling of ‘quiet’. Keep up the good work!

  3. Harmy says:

    I thought your piece was amazing, loved the use of adjectives and felt the build up whislt I read on, it’s a very descriptive and imaginative piece of writing. What happens next?

  4. Miss Lummis says:

    Very imagninative. Do check some of your punctuation. But overall a very good piece of creative writing.

  5. penny says:

    Wow! I thought your fantastic peice of work is brilliant. Very well to you.I hope you are proud of yourself. Keep writing you will get even better that it is now.

  6. Miss CL Team 100 says:

    Well done Joe, you’ve started off with a great opener and used a number of adjectives to help set the scene. As in some previous comments just be careful of some spellings and punctuation, but great creative writing!

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