I woke up on a bright Saturday morning feeling bored so I asked my mum what I could do and she told me to go outside .My eyes widened I’d never been out into the garden as it was very muddy and had big tall weeds all around .Not one to disobey I strode outside clambered over and  under tall spiky plants.A few minutes later ,I came to halt, I hesitated  wondering  what was inside .Trying not not to make sound I  pushed the old creaky door open and peeped in I  then saw an old closed window surrounded by cobwebs .

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6 Responses to 100WC

  1. leon says:

    I really like your 100wc william I love the sentence I hesitated wondering what was inside, this is really good the bestt I have seen all day. WELLDONE!

  2. Sadie says:

    That reminds me of our last Literacy topic Skellig ,

    Well Done

    Sadie .

  3. Emily says:

    Well done William! Wonderful use adjectives! Just be careful when using punctuation as there are spaces before fullstops and commas. Keep up the good work!

  4. Emma says:

    I agree with Sadie- it DOES remind me of Skellig. Why would the mom decide to let the boy into the garden if he had never been allowed? I like how you said “Not one to disobey,” it’s a pretty good sentence starter.

  5. Olivia says:

    Hi Olivia form madley brook here!
    Well done William
    Good use of adjectives
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  6. Nice use of descriptive language, William. Your choice of words drew the reader in and painted another picture besides the one that was the prompt.
    I wonder if you needed to specifically add the shed. ‘Wondering what was inside,’ inside of what? but you didn’t tell the reader what you had come upon.

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