Eden Camp

On Wednesday, the 30.1.14, we went to Eden Camp! Eden Camp is a World War 2 museum and it’s really cool. There are lots of little huts and each hut represents a different thing. Some of the huts were really scary, like the hut about The Blitz. The rest of my group went without me so I had to go on my own. It was a long tunnel which was pitch black and it was making scary noises. I didn’t even look at the displays of the sides of the tunnel, I just covered my ears, looked down and ran through. There was also smoke coming from the ceiling. I took loads of pictures, it was awesome! There were huge tanks on display and we got to buy something/some things. I bought a rainbow spring, a bouncy ball, a miniature model of a turtle, a pencil and a notepad. I still had 21 pence left over, so it cost less than five pounds! I didn’t get an ice-cream because I didn’t have enough spare money šŸ™ The bus trip was pretty long and boring. I couldn’t find travel sickness medicine in the morning so I felt a little sick… We got to see a puppet show! It was really funny, especially when everyone had to sing/shout “When I wash the windows!”.

I would recommend going to Eden Camp, it’sĀ AMAZING!

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  1. Nikola says:

    Wow Emma,
    A excellent blog post šŸ™‚ Very good and well described so people would know how the camp looks like and how the huts look.
    Well Done and I really liked hut 5.


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