Hitler was a very bad man. He ruined peoples lives all over the world. He didn`t like anyone different then him. Everyone that were Jews got killed, people where Polish, disabled and many more died. They got killed in death camps, and were either kept alive to work as slaves or killed in a gas chamber. Lot`s of people died because of diseases and starvation. The people who were killed in the gas chambers got there bodies burnt after. Meeting were held across the country to find the answers of Hitler`s horrible schemes. Hopefully, things like this won`t happen again.


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  1. Hello Eva,

    You’ve done a good job tying this week’s writing into an historic event. You’ve used some good words and phrases to describe the horrors of the second world war.

    You don’t need an apostrophe in the word “lots” as it is not a possessive or contraction.

    Keep you the writing!

    Tracey Ananmalay
    Team 100WC
    San José, California, US

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