Diary of Bruno

Here is a peace of work that I did in literacy. It is a dairy as Bruno out of the boy in the striped pajamas. I hope you like it! 🙂

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7 Responses to Diary of Bruno

  1. Rose says:

    Hello Caitlin, I like some of the parts where it is descriptive! When you have time, check over your work because there are some mistakes. I like how you have clearly explained the feelings of Bruno. Well done!

  2. Candace from Hawaii says:

    Hi Caitlin, your piece is very nice. I especially like the part where you explain Bruno’s feelings. Your word usage is good. The only tip I have is that you made a spelling error and you should say who Gretel is For example, if Gretel is Bruno’s sister you could say ” Gretel (a.k.a my annoying sister ) ” blah blah blah. Other than those two things, you did a very good diary entry!

  3. Kylan in Hawai'i says:

    I like how you explained and described Bruno. I also like how you described the feelings of Bruno. I liked the words you used, and it created a different feeling in it. I just have one more thing, next time if you can reread and check if the words are spelt correctly. Besides that you did an awesome job!

  4. Sophia in Hawaii says:

    Hi Caitlin! I really like this peice, but I agree with Rose it could use just a little more work on the conventions, but what a great idea! It seems like the Boy In the Striped Pajamas is a popular story on your blog. Is it used a base for many of your writings? How was ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ thought of? Great writing!

  5. Olivia says:

    Hi caitlin,
    I really like you blog post. You have described how you felt really well at the start my favourite bit was my heart is tingling with a mixture of excitement and fear because it describes how your heart is acting.

  6. Nanna says:

    Well done Caitlin! This is a great poem. Interesting reading!

  7. Allen in hawaii says:

    Hey Caitlin ,
    That peace was very thoughtful and I like how you use metaphor like my heart is tinggling with a mixture of exitement and fear. I like it but it but it could be a little worked on. I think your poem is thoughtful and I really like it.

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