The National Holocaust Centre

On Monday all the year 5 children went to the National Holocaust Centre! We had to bring a packed lunch and a coat. It was really fun! Me and some other people were sick on the bus. I was the first one. I sat next to my best friend, Lauren- we talked a lot! She let me read one of her books because she took two. They were called Paws and Whiskers and Billionaire Boy. I read Billionaire Boy. It’s a very good book! When we arrived we had to pair up. Me and Lauren were together, obviously. The class was split into two groups. When we were walking up to the building we had to be very quiet because there were graves next to us. They were little wooden signs and there were a LOT of them! I don’t think we have ever been that quiet! When we entered the building we watched a video about a Jewish boy. Then we went into a copy of his living room, or how we would have imagined it. Everyone was looking around, talking and picking up plates, toys and things like that. The window had a picture on it so it looked like we were looking at a busy street with cars and buses and shops. There was also noise coming from the window, like people talking!! We also watched a video in that room. We went through similar places- copies of schools, streets and shops. At the end of the shop room we had to sit in this little train (it wasn’t a real train, just a corridor decorated to look like a train!) and we watched ANOTHER video! After that we went up to where we left our lunches, coats and bags and we ate our lunch. Lauren ate a bit of cake mixed with a cheese sandwich. It looked yucky! When we all finished our lunch we entered a small, empty room. It had a few chairs in it, for the teachers, though. We sat on the floor and a man called Simon told us about when he was little and he had to hide in World War Two. It was very interesting! Then we had to go back to our coats and bags and we went out into the garden. There was a river, a bridge and statues. Luckily it was sunny, not raining or snowing! We passed some more graves and there was a pillar surrounded in stones. It said that underneath it there was some dirt from 6 of the Death Camps. There was also a MASSIVE pile of stones! Everyone put a stone on the pile, in remembrance of the many children who died during World War Two. After that we had to go back to school! I nearly threw up on the way back but fortunately, I didn’t.

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  1. Nikola says:

    Hello Emma! this is is a really good blog post 🙂 You wrote very clearly I really like the way you write about all the things it was quick and clear.

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