Yesterday in Topic

Yesterday in Topic, we made some ration  food. We are learning about World War Two, so we made ration food so that we could know how life was in World War Two. We made Walton Pie and Victoria Sponge Cake. I had just the Victoria Sponge Cake, because I did’t like the look, smell and some of the ingredients. It was a really fun lesson in Topic. All the children had to write down the ingredients and instructions down on paper. Some children got chosen to help cook the two dishes, some other children did’t get to help, I did’t help cook. I’d like to do  what we did in Topic again.
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  1. caroline says:

    What an excellent way to imagine yourself in WW2 because food is so important to all of us, especially if we’re hungry, frightened, or even bored. I love Victoria Sponge and I put lots of raspberry jam in the middle and sugar on the top. Why didn’t you like the one you cooked, Caitlin?

  2. Jadryl says:

    This was really fun I enjoyed it.

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