Thought Question #3

Taken with permission from the Thought Questions website.

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23 Responses to Thought Question #3

  1. Emma says:

    Clever, caring, kind, understanding, weird

  2. jack says:

    crazy,small,hyper,crazy hair,like a duck

  3. Lochlainn says:


  4. Ty in hawaii says:

    Kind, quiet, welcoming, crazy and creative.

  5. Ehulani says:

    I would describe myself as Literal, Leader, Sophisticated, smart, Wise. I think I am all of these things tied together into one.

  6. Beyonce 5B says:

    Funny, Awesome, Smart, Pono, Crazy

  7. Logan in Hawaii says:

    Boss , happy, grateful, crazy, kind

  8. Kaili says:

    Awesome, sporty, loving, artistic, creative.

  9. Tayzialynn Hawa.ii says:

    Smart, Beautiful, Helping, Caring,Funny
    I would say those words because that is what I do the best. That is really my personality and who I am.

  10. Kylan in Hawai'i says:

    These are 5 words I would describe myself. The first one is funny because I make people laugh. The second one is crazy because I’m loud and all over the place, meaning I can’t stay in one place I have to move around. The third one is helpful because I like to help others. The fourth one is caring because I care for others. The last one is loving. I love everybody no matter what.

  11. Dayanee in Hawaii says:

    Caring,loving, Kind,understanding,forgiving.

  12. Brock in Hawai'i says:

    Active, Baseball, Sports, Pool, Video Games

  13. Carrying,weird, funny, adorable and smart.

  14. Rose says:

    Polite, obedient, disciplined, understanding and kind.

  15. Caitlin says:

    Hard worker, friendly, helpful, crazy and different.

  16. Jadryl says:

    Kind,clever,caring,playful and fun.

  17. Lucy S says:

    Strange, loud,musical,artistic and funny

  18. Nadia says:

    kind, caring, funny, sensitive and helping

  19. steffi says:


  20. Abigail says:

    wierd,awesome,funny,peacefull and last but not least CRAZY!

  21. Brianna in Hawaii says:

    In 5 words I would describe myself as creative, tierd, playful, different, and loving.

  22. Sophia in Hawaii says:

    I’d describe myself with to the following words…
    1) Intelligent
    2) Different
    3) Heartfelt
    4) Leader
    5) Real/Truly Myself

  23. Guerschom says:

    big, helpful to my parents,quiet, a bit noisy and funny looks

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