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Today, was the worst day of my life. My homework needed to be in BUT I THOUGHT I HAD ENOUGH TIME. I got sent to the head teacher and I was told off badly. There was shouting and a tear ran down my face. I was told if it happens again there will be consequences. I was put on the corridor for all of lunch… What will my mum say? What will my dad say? What will I say? I am in big trouble will I survive? I have never handed my home work in late. I’m out of control.

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  1. Mrs Lynch (team 100) says:

    Hi Leon
    Your have written about something that has probably happened to numerous people, so is true to life. I liked the sentence about the tear running . Again very realistic. “I’m out if control” was a good ending, but I hope your character learnt something and got back in control. Keep writing.

  2. Sophia from Hawaii says:

    Hi Leon,
    What a cool story! I’m sure this has happened to everyone atleast once in their school carrer. I can tell from your writing that the main character doesn’t get in trouble at school very often. You wrote about the main characters ‘ mental tantrum’ in a real and relatable way. I liked how you ended and opened this writing piece.

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