Slow Writing #3

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7 Responses to Slow Writing #3

  1. Lochlainn says:

    thanks mr connor 😀

  2. Ehulani says:

    Wow, is this strategy called slow writing? Why is it called slow writing? I think this could be very useful because it shows different ways to write something in one paragraph. I also think that it helps because it shows us what you have to try and include in writing.

  3. Lehia5B says:

    This day was like the day of the Japan tsunami. Why were people scared and abandoning their homes? Leaving their families? I didn’t know what was going on like some people who died during tsunamis. I heard screaming and the cry of families. Then it happened. Waves roared and flooded the land, houses crashed, and telephone poles fell. The tsunami hit.

  4. Candace from Hawaii says:

    This is very cool! Why is this kind of writing called slow writing? May I ask what is a connective? Is it some kind of connection to anything, or a specific topic?

  5. Emma says:

    It’s not letting me write a blog post. I can write the title, but I can’t type anything else. I still have to do the Slow Writing piece of homework for the blogging homework but now I can’t, and I don’t know why!

    • Mr Connor says:

      Sadie and Enrique have informed me of this problem Emma; somebody is looking into it now and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

      Don’t worry about the homework – I will let you know when the bug is fixed.

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