End of Week 12

Another very busy week has passed us by! Congratulations to our winners this week:

Writer – Eva

Reader – Olivia

Mathematician – Shardaina

Sportsperson – Vonyee

Well done to all the girls! Boys, we need to win next week! I will save blogger and Class Dojo until next THURSDAY.

I hope you all enjoyed VE day – I will post some videos and photos shortly. I was really impressed with your dancing – especially Vonyee and Connor – but more than that, each teacher said that you were the best behaved group of children they had throughout the day. This makes me really proud, and I hope you feel the same way too.

We have had some excellent persuasive work from everybody this week, so I look forward to seeing what you can produce on your own next week.

We have a busy week ahead. Not only are we cooking WWII recipes, but we are also planning a parents’ liturgy, sending letters to pen-pals, celebrating Easter at mass, finishing WWII booklets AND having the final of our Countdown challenge. Jadryl, Connor and Lauren: are you ready?

Have a brilliant weekend.

Mr Connor

About Mr Connor

Year 5/6 Teacher and ICT Leader.

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  1. Ulili in hawaii says:

    Good Job to those who won! Just wondering if you had a test to win , or was it depending on your work during the whole year?

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