VE Day


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  1. guerschom says:


  2. Logan in Hawaii says:

    We have to dance to for our spring concert on Friday. Spring concert is where we sing and dance. We are doing a swing dance. We have to dance in front of all the parents.

  3. Kylan in Hawai'i says:

    Wow cool! We do the same thing. We are doing a dance called swing for our spring concert. We sing and dance. We usually pick different themes and this year theme was Beatles! We are singing and dancing to the Beatles songs.

  4. Ty in hawaii says:

    Looks like you gies had a great time dancing! Well we are dancing too, the type of dance we are doing is called the swing. We are dancing in a huge adunce for our spring concert. It’s really scary!

  5. Dayanee in Hawaii says:

    What kind of dances did you do? It looks like lots of fun. Do you dance a lot? What does VE mean ?. It sounds cool. It it a holiday? We have a holiday special to Hawaii is Kamehameha day. This is the day that we celebrate Kamehameha the Great. That is how we remember him. There is also a statue of him here.

  6. Nice vidio, what is VE Day. What are you guys doing? How did you make that vidio, it so cool. I like the music and the photos. What app was this in because I would like to try it. Do you guys have a special day coming up’ is that why your dancing? What dance is that called. I guess you dancing with your partner was fun.

  7. Ryzen in Hawaii says:

    Wow you guys can dance! In music class we are swing dancing for our concert. We are dancing to Eight Days a Week from the Beatles. If you are wondering why we are dancing to such an old song, our concert theme is the the oldies. Do you guys have concerts at your school? If you do what themes do you have?

  8. Rose says:

    cool dancing everyone! I missed all the fun and I love dancing ! Well done to everyone for learning that dance.

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