Easter Maths Homework

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7 Responses to Easter Maths Homework

  1. Rose says:

    My maths sequence
    Can you try and solve my maths sequence?
    If you can add three more to it !

    3, 21, 17, 35, 31, _,_,_

  2. Nikola says:

    This is my number sequence. Try to solve it and write add 3 more to it!

    36, 40, 38, 42, 40..

  3. william says:

    Add 18 take away 4 ;d

  4. Jadryl says:

    Can you solve my sequence? And add the last three


  5. William says:

    5,29,149,749,3745 try and figure out my maths sequence if you comment and add three more

  6. aksa says:

    Here is my maths sequence.Try to solve it and add three more .

    30,20,15,7.5,6.25 ,_ ,_ ,_

  7. Connor says:

    Try and figure my sequence 1,7,19,43,91,_,_,_

    add on three.

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