Banshee by Shardaina and Guerschom

This haunting creature,with skin injecting teeth,rules the pandora sky searching for new prey.Quickly,she folds in her wings and dives deeply from the sky like a shooting star.Shae glanced at her next meal licking her claws she saw the Shiger.Racing towards the shiger,her pin point eyes wer glued on her prey.Her knife like teeth ripped into her prey as blood dripped from her claws.

About Shardaina

I am a fun,helpfull and kind person

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4 Responses to Banshee by Shardaina and Guerschom

  1. Jack says:

    I like how you said like a shooting star. well done

  2. Eva and Olaf says:

    We both like how you have used the description, for example, this haunting creature. We think you could improve the word quickly

  3. Eva and Olaf says:

    What happens next?

  4. lochlainn says:

    Really good work I like when you said skin injecting teeth

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