This unmerciful creature,who has bloodthirsty eyes, secretly scavenges for its next meal – A Sheepig. It thoroughly scans through the looming trees,making sure not to miss a single part.Suddenly,the vicious creature catches a quick glimpse of a movement below.Tucking in its scaly wings,it plunges down and rips open the Sheepig’s soulless body,slurping every last bit in her. What would his next meal be?


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2 Responses to Banshee

  1. Rayann says:

    Having read your wonderful writing piece, I have just experienced reading one of the most amazing texts I have ever read. Besides, you managed to include a rhetorical question, three complex sentences, in addition to a load of amazing adjectives! An important thing that could help you improve your text even more (if that is possible seeing as it is so shockingly great) would be to add in an exclamation. Also all high level texts need lower levels too, so try to simplify your story a bit more with a simple sentence of I’m afraid it’ll explode with brilliance. How do you manage to have such a talent in writing?
    Yours Sincerely,

    • aksa says:

      Thank you for the great comment.I think think the exclamation mark would go after the word ‘her’. I get talented in writing by reading books and taking out some of the inspiring words or phrases. 🙂

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