Direhorse by Lauren and Leon

This vicious creature, with body injecting teeth, shoots like a bullet through Pandora. Suddenly, she stomps her hooves and comes to a halt, as she spies on a Folf with her red beady eyes. She gallops to  her prey, in a flash the Folf shot away, then it became a mad chase for a meal. Like a lightning bolt, she galloped and pounced on the innocent creature and has a lovely dinner. Then the next day comes…

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3 Responses to Direhorse by Lauren and Leon

  1. Bradley T and Emma says:

    I really like your similes- like a lightning bolt ad shoots like a bullet! Next time you could change lovely and make it into a more affective adjective.

  2. Shardaina says:

    I realy like you simile like a lightning bolt it describes how fast it was.
    Could you have put another simile in?
    Next time try and describe the folf.

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