This majestic, ferocious, venomous, leonoptryx waiting to strike its prey. Scars stain her body of the fearsome battle she fought. Her lava eyes put fear in the enemy . She plummets down and cages the Squitraffenox. Then all sudden , she soaring through the air again. A trail of blood leads thorough The forest.

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3 Responses to leonoptryx

  1. Mr W. says:

    ‘Scars stain her body…’
    I really like this phrase, very clever use of words.

  2. Marcus says:

    ‘majestic, ferocious, venomous’ – good use of adjectives to show how angry the leonoptryx is .It was so descriptive I was scared by the leonoptryx

  3. niamh says:

    Well done Alex and Nadia I really enjoyed that post! one of my favourite parts was when you said “majestic, ferocious, venomous” because it was a great way to open up you story.
    What do you think you could add next time? Have you ever watched the film avatar?
    Great post! Niamh 🙂

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