Pandora’s Great Leonoptryx

This ferocious beastly creature,with red ruby like eyes,glided ¬†through the empty skies searching for prey.In a flash he darted down hitting the emerald grass.Glaring at the Boltick,the Great Leonoptryx attacked.That very second,the thick skinned hammer head Tythanasaurus bashed his head against the Great Leonoptryx’s skull.

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2 Responses to Pandora’s Great Leonoptryx

  1. Mr W. says:

    Great sentence structures and uses of different linking clauses.
    This really starts to develop a feeling of intensity.
    Well done

  2. Eva says:

    I love how you have described the great leonoptryx. You have painted a picture in my mind and you have really worked well together to make this fantastic blog post. well done!!! (:

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