Thick Skinned Hammehead Tythanasaurus

This vicious molten lava creature, who roams the rainforest, awaits to strike for its prey.With confidence he got a glance of his prey and plummeted towards it. He can sense the fear. Then as fast as a lightning bolt he plunged as far as he could go. In that second, there was no more viper Duck.

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7 Responses to Thick Skinned Hammehead Tythanasaurus

  1. Connor says:

    I love the word molten, it makes a big impact. 🙂

    Also you might want to change the Viper Duck and squash the two words together like Vipuck.

    Do you now want to watch avatar if you haven’t already?

  2. Steffi says:

    I love the great describing words you have put in this piece of
    writing. My favourite sentence in your writing is (In that second there was no Viper Duck.) Was the Viper Duck chased by the Thick Skinned Hammer Head Tythanasaurs?
    Well done!!!

  3. Jadryl says:

    This is amazing description and I like your description.What happened?.

  4. Juliette says:

    Even if your story is short i still things it is very good! Despite you’re storyline, I still think you could have tried to put in some more punctuation for example ! ? ( ) ” “.
    I especially like you’re simile ‘ As fast as a lightning bolt ‘ you should be proud of you’re story. I hope you like my advice.

  5. Catalina says:

    Despite you are far away from us, we can still enjoy your such detailed peice of writing,that includes a hole lot, and In mean a hole lot, of very high level descriptive text.
    Your sincearly ,

  6. niamh says:

    Thankyou very much for you comments everyone and I will try to add more puntuation and yes I have watched avatar and its great connor

  7. bradley says:

    I really like your description on everything thing you have written about . Its very exciting and interesting and left me wanting to read more .

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