viper wolf Jack and Olivia

This blood sucking creature, with eyes as narrow as arrows, that lives in the deepest mist of its land of terror! Silently he crept towards the Ponkey and pounced on the inosent creature.

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5 Responses to viper wolf Jack and Olivia

  1. Shardaina says:

    very good blog post I liked how you made arrow and narrow rhyme.

    why did you choose those ceratin words?

    Next time read over it one part didnt make sense.

  2. Kacper says:

    The best part was ‘eyes as narrow as arrows’ because it rhymes.

    Could you have added more sentences to describe the viper wolf more?


  3. Joseph says:

    I love your first part it made me want more of your work.You could write a bit more though.Well Done:)

  4. Ariq says:

    Hi my name is ariq I’m in ms D’s class your writing is really good you have good description,exclamation.

    I think you really like this book.
    Because you wrote so well.

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Jack I like the start the blood sucking creatre.

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