My Book Review

Book: Bambi

Author: Walt Disney

Date Started: 24/6/14

Date Finished: 25/6/14

Likes and Dislikes about this book: I like reading this book because it’s interesting, descriptive and a little bit emotional. This book is about a baby boy dear called Bambi. It is also about what happens when Bambi is born and grows up. I also like the film of Bambi. Do you like the book or film of Bambi? If you do comment below!

I recommend this book to boys, girls and adults. Children from any ages. I am going to put this book on my: books to read list it’s so great to read.If you haven’t read this book then you really should read it!

Stars: **** 4/5 stars!

Thanks for reading my book review about Bambi. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Caitlin 🙂 🙂

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