Luke Temples visit

On Friday 27th June, an author called Luke Temple came to visit our school. Most of his books were about ghosts and when he came to visit us, he told us about two of his most favourite books that he had written. One of them was called GHOST POST, and the other one was called DOORWAY TO DANGER. He also showed us how the  illustrator had drawn the front cover of the book and it was really fascinating because she did not use a pencil and paper or any thing like that ; she used her tablet ! It was really funny at the beginning when Luke Temple came into the hall carrying a magnifying glass and looking around for the special thing he had lost. The special thing he had lost was his brilliant ideas for writing his next book.

Have you read any of Luke Temple’s books ? If you have ,please put the name of the book in the comment box.

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6 Responses to Luke Temples visit

  1. Luke Temple says:

    Hi Aksa,

    Thank you for writing about my visit. I hope you enjoyed it – I certainly did! You were all a brilliant audience and joined in really well to make the afternoon a lot of fun. Which is your favourite out of ‘Ghost Post’ and ‘Doorway To Danger’? My favourite book is actually the one I am writing right now, which is called ‘The Ghost Lord Returns’!

    Best wishes,


  2. Jessica says:

    I am reading Doorway to Danger. It sounds very scary from the beginning so you want to know what happens in the end. he was very funny when he can into school and ill make sure to read it.
    well done aksa

  3. niamh says:

    I enjoyed it too! well done for this post you explained a lot. hope you enjoyed the day


  4. leon says:

    I loved that day which book did you find scarier? I loved when luke had to go up and search for the idea.

  5. Jadryl says:

    I am reading ghost post and I have finished doorway to danger.I enjoyed that day.

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