Temple Run:Introduction and Build-Up

Without warning,with a rumble and a crash, the helicopter plummeted to the ground. trees greeted me by softening my landing. Vines hung above like monkey bars. Groggy and dazed, I gathered my thoughts and struggled to my feet. The trees whispered to each other.”wisha,wisha,wisha.” cries and screeches echoed around the clogged up jungle. something was watching me very closely. I took two steps and found myself on a strange crooked path. was this end of me?


I glanced around tropical birds and bees glided through the air. Lianas danced like ballerias  across the forest floor. Beams of sunlight dappled around the canopys. Vines held hands like familys and tree roots grasped  each other. Palm trees reach to say hello to me. Waterfalls hid secrets untold while emerald like leaves drifted and fluttered to the ground like graceful, elagant butterflies. i felt deadly still lurked around me.

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