Achievement Badges

This year you will be able to earn badges to show your achievements in class. They will be added to your own personal profiles as you progress through the year. Can you think of any other badges we could have?

Blogger Badge

Blogger_makebadges   Blogger_makebadges (1)   Blogger_makebadges (2)

Gold – 10 posts in a week

Silver – 5 posts in a week

Bronze – 2 posts in a week


Commenter Badge

Commenter_makebadges (1)   Commenter_makebadges (2)   Commenter_makebadges

Gold – win the commenter of the week

Silver – leave 5 comments on Quadblogging partner blogs in one week

Bronze – comment on another St. Joseph’s blog


Reader Badge

Reader_makebadges (2)   Reader_makebadges (1)   Reader_makebadges (3)

Gold – reader of the week

Silver – submit a book review to the St. Joseph’s reading blog

Bronze – regular reading shown in homework book


Target Badge

ontarget_makebadges   ontarget_makebadges (1)   ontarget_makebadges (2)

Gold – achieve all targets in reading and writing

Silver – achieve five reading targets

Bronze – achieve one writing target


Paparazzi Badge

paparazzi_makebadges (2)  paparazzi_makebadges (1)  paparazzi_makebadges

Gold – include a Picasa slideshow in your blog-post

Silver – include your own photograph/s in a blog post

Bronze – find a copyright-free image to use in your blog post


100 Word Challenge Badge

_makebadges   100wc_makebadges (1)   100wc_makebadges

Gold – be selected for the Showcase by Team 100wc

Silver – fill in your own details when entering the 100wc

Bronze – take part in three 100wcs


Embedder Badge

embedder_makebadges   embedder_makebadges (1)   embedder_makebadges (2)


Gold – embed a video into your blog post

Silver – embed a Google doc/presentation/form into your blog post

Bronze – include a link in your blog post to give the reader more information


Sportsperson Badge – sportsperson of the week



Class Dojo Badge – Class Dojo points winner



Mathematician of the Week

Thank you to Enrique for designing this one for our class.




Blogger of the Week






Thank you to Enrique for thinking of (and designing!) this badge.

This can be achieved when one of your blog posts receives 10 or more comments.



5 Responses to Achievement Badges

  1. Mrs Boydon says:

    Wow! What a lot of amazing badges you can win!
    Are they actual badges or virtual badges?
    Has anyone won one yet?
    I’m very excited for you, and a little bit sad that I can’t win a badge, can I?
    Keep going with all your fantastic blogging – it’s great to see what you’ve all been getting up to.

  2. Hajira says:

    I wish we could get badges. I wonder how many badges you can get altogether?
    We get medals and trophys but for other things, but not for quadblogging.

  3. Mr Connor says:

    Hi Mrs Boydon and Hajira,

    The first few badges were ones that I thought of, but now some of our children have started thinking of how else they could earn them. Enrique has had the brilliant idea of making a Viral badge, which you can see above.

    At the end of each week, the children ‘apply’ for their virtual badge by telling me about a blog post they have submitted that meets the criteria. We have had lots of winners so far – you can see the badges that the children have achieved by clicking the ‘Our Class’ tab at the top!

    Mr Connor

  4. Huzaifah says:

    Wow! So many medals. We get certificates not badges. We get them every week on a Wednesday. How many badges have you got there in total?

  5. Caitlin says:

    in total we have 26 badges.

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