Our Class

Click on the names of the children in our class to find out what they have been posting about, and to see which achievement badges they have been awarded.

For more on achievement badges, click here.



Aaron Abigail Aksa
Alex Bradley C Bradley T
Caitlin Connor Emma
Enrique Eva Guerschom
Jack Jadryl Jessica
Joseph H Joseph O Kacper
Lauren Leon Lewie
Lochlainn Nadia Niamh
Nikola Olaf Olivia
Reuben Rose Sadie
Shardaina Sulaman Steffi
Vonyee William

One Response to Our Class

  1. Jan Estens says:

    Hello Mr Connor,
    Thank you for you comment on Jess’ 100 word challenge.
    I worked in the UK in 2005-2006. I would like to find someone to blog with my class for the remainder of 2013.
    You have my website address…

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