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We worked hard on this website and here is the link for it.

This wonderful oasis of life,flowers scattered around like corn on a plate. The luminous paradise, a breeze softly brushing like a bath of petals,slowly easing your distress.Water,glittering, as it flows lightly. Flajes’s ascend carelessly;trees enclosed in a envelope of moss. The vines hang lifeless, while Viper Wolves quietly lay in wait for it’s victims. Neon like mushrooms innocently sitting on the smooth pebbles – This is ….. PANDORA!

Try this link!

The Galashian pounds through the plains of Pandora, invincible armour,teeth sharper than knives.She ducks as a Grapla swoops above.Suddenly her back legs bolts against bone as the Grapla was soon history. The Galashian roams around suspecting an unlucky victim to fill his appetite.





3 Responses to Aaron

  1. Shaju says:

    I like this blog because I thought it was very Interesting and he had really bought his Imagination b ursting out his head.Anyway I dont like the sound of your recipe .

  2. Sadie says:

    Well done for all your progress . You have one LOTS of badges . 🙂

  3. Eva says:

    Wow you have done lot`s of blog posts this year.

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