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Earned 11.10.13

Earned 11.10.13

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For the past six weeks, we have been leaning about Brazil and there lifestyle. My group really enjoyed it we made a website and it was very enjoyable I would recommend other people to do this! You can do this on Google sites its easy!click on BRAZIL to see

This is the website about Brazilian enjoy.


We went to water world with my family and my best friend Enrique. Me and Enrique and my family went to The Blue Jay to have a fry up. Then we went to water world and we went on lot’s of rides it was amazing and you should go.

This majestic thing, with eyes filled with red spitting flames, soares high above pandaora . All of a sudden, it swoops down  into the  water  making a mighty splash.  It quickly glides up spying it’s scrumcous meal – a Squabbit, Squabbit ses a dot chasing after him, he dashes off like a lightning bolt. He was out of sight and  from that moment  Squabbit  was gone and the mysterious thing fly’s off spreading it’s bright purple turqoise  wings . It was then covered by the water , closing it’s eyes and resting his sleepy head.

2 Responses to Bradley C

  1. Enrique says:

    Yes I agree first day from school was good,
    But I think that you can put more detail and a better word then good, good is a boring word.

  2. Eva says:

    Your piece of writing “The Mystery ” is amazing. I really like your use of description like the word desolate.

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