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Earned 10.01.14

Earned 10.01.14

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click this link to see a website about Italy.

This is a poster that me and Bradley T did in R.E. I hope you like it!

Today we had a visit from Mr Mitchell who created quad blogging . Quad blogging is when you comment on someones blog and then they leave you a comment on your blog . I learnt how to leave a quality comment . The more comments you leave the more people will look at your blog . Its important to ask questions as to why you wrote this blog , what you liked about it and other things . I thought Mr Mitchell was very interesting and i learnt a lot from his visit i look forward to him returning to our school again on Thursday.

The viscous creature, with blood-red eyes and dark, scaly skin, blends in with the shadows stalking it’s prey. Without warning, the squiddle is squashed by the Direhorse’s heavy hooves, which end the squiddle’s pain and misery. Wolfing down the tiny animal, the Direhorse plodded off, hoping to have a nice, long peaceful nap.

On Thursday i finished school and took it upon myself to walk home on my own so that i could have a play in the park before my Mum got home from work.As i approached the park there were two dogs playing with each other,i became scared and sprinted to the play area which was all fenced off,i thought i had enough time to reach the play area before the dogs noticed me but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.I stopped dead in my tracks as the two dogs came bounding towards me only to be showered with lots of licks.

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