Earned 17.01.14

Earned 17.01.14

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It’s was an ireland, in a world of mystic danger.Trees like lollypop sticks with green hair on top invading the sky , but they were surrounded by the soaring summits of the majestic mountains.

This haunting creature,with skin injecting teeth,rules the pandora sky searching for new prey.Quickly,she folds in her wings and dives deeply from the sky like a shooting star.Shae glanced at her next meal licking her claws she saw the Shiger.Racing towards the shiger,her pin point eyes wer glued on her prey.Her knife like teeth ripped into her prey as blood dripped from her claws.

slow writing

quickly i blasted out of the plane.what? where? when? when we got here i stepped in, it was like heaven i couldn’t believe my eyes.I saw gold it was wonderful.They looked magical.

this book is about a boy that has a comic with a dog and the dog comes out of the comic.i like the book because its very different than an normal life. i don’t like it because i think its not for my age.i like the bit when the school burns and the dog saves a teacher.

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  1. Eva says:

    This piece of writing you have done is really good. It helps me paint a picture in my mind of how your story looks.

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