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A fluorescent scarlet Jellyfish floating swiftly.The bioluminescence beauty lights up the magnificent light of Pandora.Crystals waters sparkle like the stars from the sky.The treasure of the Natives pouring magic on the neon jungle.Majestic creature roam around the Jungle.The beautiful creatures are the colours of the rainbow.The cold breeze tingles my spine.A wedge of cold  silvery light shine upon the creatures.Light flickered.

As the moon rose up in the sky,the selfish face of carelesness emerged. The cold hearted , stubborn raged monster surrenders … ¬†The faint whiff of a meal ready to be killed . His eagle eyes were focused on his prey . He saw the bait , the small thing …. BANG , in this net of confusion .

The rock that I was sitting on was pointy like a porcupine.What’s that gorgeous girl pointing at?.As the sunset’s I was playing with the Alice hide and seek.It was time.The sun was golden and I was starting to sweat.If I go home will I meet her again?.

I strongly agree and I like to look after a welfare of animals.Thats why,I am applying for the post as a zoo keeper.

I have some good quality skills and I will assist the sightseers to look around different animal.That’s why I want to be a zoo keeper.

One cold night, I came to the zoo there was a sign said night zoo.I explored it and it was amazing and there was spy giraffes and time traveling elephants.But then monsters were coming they were hideous looking.I run as fast as I could but I was cornered.Will I survived or dead cold?…..

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