Earned 04.10.13

Earned 04.10.13

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This is a link to our website all about Spain that we have worked very hard on. We hope you enjoy .

This is a poster that i did in R.E.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

In the summer I had a good time it was at school on the field i was playing a football match in the school it was £1 and 3 turns.

Today me and my cousins dog called Lucky had a great time. We was playing in the garden with a frizby, Lucky was angry because he couldn’t catch the frizby so he started to chase me it was funny then after that we was jumping on the trampoline. I always have a great time with Lucky my favourite dog which is a German Sheperd. 🙂

This massive a  creature with rotten hair, shoots high above Pandora. Suddenly, she jets down to the forest her face turns angry.


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  1. Eva says:

    Your 100wc has loads of description in it like today is a “beautiful sunny day” was a really good sentence starter! Well done Kacpa.

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