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Over the past five, six, seven weeks we have been making websites, about countries of the world.Our group did Australia, click the link beside, to go to our website.

We hope you enjoy:

Joseph, Lauren, Emma ( the Australia group)

The luminous oasis glistens as night awakens from its slumber . The glowing animals float around the sky, lighting the night with its colour. The water shines like a diamond as it drifts away. Viper Wolves roam the area, while the Floaterfish ( pink flying jellyfish ) floats around this paradise in Pandora.

This vicious creature, with body injecting teeth, shoots like a bullet through Pandora. Suddenly, she stomps her hooves and comes to a halt, as she spies on a Folf with her red beady eyes. She gallops to ┬áher prey, in a flash the Folf shot away, then it became a mad chase for a meal. Like a lightning bolt, she galloped and pounced on the innocent creature and has a lovely dinner. Then the next day comes…

Please try out my number sequence and comment with your working out!!!!


2, 2, 4, 8, 32, 256, 8192, …, …

can you find out what the next two are????

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