Earned 18.10.13

Earned 18.10.13

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This is a link to our website all about Spain that we have worked very hard on. We hope you enjoy .

This is a presiontaion about the Ten Commandments. I did this in R.E.

The world of avatar

Shadows of enourmous, old oak trees , sprawled a large ramshackled house.

The trees shifted down like  a umbrella.

Suddenly , a tranquil ocean breeze flowed like a prayer.

Bushes standing like ghostly , stooped figures.

This ferocious creature romes around Pandora.  Its eyes glow in the moonlight. Every night, this creature goes to hunt.  His long black tail is used as a whip to catch the pray. His comb like teeth then sinks into the boddie of  the victim, blood surrounding it. You can see the bits of the animal stuck inside the viper cows teeth; he may still be  going around the woods now, beware…..


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