Earned 20.09.13

Earned 20.09.13

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This is a link to our website all about Spain that we have worked very hard on. We hope you enjoy .

All of a  sudden I heard a noise it sounded like a helicopter it was scarlotte. She took the helicopter down and I quickly jumped into it. But why do the chimpanzees need the idol anyway.

My sister went to Thomas land today her teacher took everyone to Thomas land. It has many rides and lots of shops of cafes, gift shops and everything. I asked my mum that can i go to thomas land with her she said no because her teacher said no siblings allowed i hope she has a great time.

I was in the plane.

I didn’t know that would happened.

I was in a triangle.

Once i got there i was vanished.

I didn’t where was i.

My heart went beating so fast.

Then i realized i was in the Bermuda triangle.



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