Climate change

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Poster To Stop Pollution

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Donations NEEDED

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8 days left

I have really enjoyed this year. Even though I have the same teacher again (Mr.CONNOR) I will really miss year 5 :(. The end of a great year. We did a great happy video and went to a football tornement with a great celebration please leave your coments on what great things you did in your class.

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Dutch Conversation

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Let There Be…………….

This is an Explain Everything that

we made.

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Kirkland Jelly Beans Description – Costco

The unexpected flavour , dancing on top of your tongue , filling your mind with thoughts .

The innocent looks of the murderous beans , catches the victim’s attention .

Suddenly the victim was smelling the bean’s fear and guilt , it shrivelled into a little ball , ready to be eaten …

Go to Costco !

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Winshill Gala Day

Today, my team Little Dazzlers went to Burton Upon Trent to play football. It was the best we played, it was amazing. We had to have diffrent players in other teams because we didn’t have the rest of our team. We had ice creams burgers and lot’s more. We got tothe final!

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Adidas football song

This is a football song by Adidas called miss alissa

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Welcome to Australia

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Welcome to Brazil

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Luke Temples visit

On Friday 27th June, an author called Luke Temple came to visit our school. Most of his books were about ghosts and when he came to visit us, he told us about two of his most favourite books that he had written. One of them was called GHOST POST, and the other one was called DOORWAY TO DANGER. He also showed us how the  illustrator had drawn the front cover of the book and it was really fascinating because she did not use a pencil and paper or any thing like that ; she used her tablet ! It was really funny at the beginning when Luke Temple came into the hall carrying a magnifying glass and looking around for the special thing he had lost. The special thing he had lost was his brilliant ideas for writing his next book.

Have you read any of Luke Temple’s books ? If you have ,please put the name of the book in the comment box.

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Olaf and Kacper researched the work of Pablo Picasso this morning. They know lots of facts about it him which they will be able to share in the comments.

They chose to create their own pieces of art based on Picasso’s style.

What makes these two pieces stand out? Which features and skills have the boys used here?



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Candido Portinari

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My Book Review

Book: Bambi

Author: Walt Disney

Date Started: 24/6/14

Date Finished: 25/6/14

Likes and Dislikes about this book: I like reading this book because it’s interesting, descriptive and a little bit emotional. This book is about a baby boy dear called Bambi. It is also about what happens when Bambi is born and grows up. I also like the film of Bambi. Do you like the book or film of Bambi? If you do comment below!

I recommend this book to boys, girls and adults. Children from any ages. I am going to put this book on my: books to read list it’s so great to read.If you haven’t read this book then you really should read it!

Stars: **** 4/5 stars!

Thanks for reading my book review about Bambi. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Caitlin 🙂 🙂

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My sister’s trip to Thomas land

My sister went to Thomas land today her teacher took everyone to Thomas land. It has many rides and lots of shops of cafes, gift shops and everything. I asked my mum that can i go to thomas land with her she said no because her teacher said no siblings allowed i hope she has a great time.

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Englands last match

England have done rubbish this world cup. I don’t have a clue why they always qualify. A big build up for nothing tut tut tut… Do you think they will win the next world cup in 2018 or will they do rubbish AGAIN. I will not be watching the England v Costa Rica because I don’t see the point, they will just let us down again.
please comment who you think will win this world cup. (come on Holland )


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I was playing blade with my best friends. Blade is a polish game where you first do ennie meenie mani mo next the person counts to 20 then all of the other people hides. When the person caughts the other person both of them needs to be it. Most of all you don’t cheat because it’s a polish game where you can’t cheat.

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summer fair

In the summer I had a good time it was at school on the field i was playing a football match in the school it was £1 and 3 turns.

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summer fair

In the summer fair there was a football game £1 3 turns it was just so good. The best part was when the lady said that the toys are free everyone went to get everything but lucky me I got a wallet which was so awesome.

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World Cup Songs

This is a game were we play world cup songs and if you like it you clay your hands, but if you don’t you sit down.

This is the first song. This is the next song. This is the last one.

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Wayne Rooney First ever goal

Did  you watch the world cup ( 19 th June / 9:30 pm ) WELL DONE , Wayne Rooney . He might of just scored one but so worth it . After Wayne shot the ball into the goal the audience rose up and hit the sky with screams .

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I am going to Ireland soon. With my Auntie we are going to go to the beach and get some really nice ice cream. We will go to a very amazing event called a Graduation, for my Auntie.  I am so exited. I love Ireland because it is very Holy and fresh. The grass is pure green grass and beautiful, huge farms. I will be going on an air plain and I find it that when I am at the air port I get butterflies in my tummy.


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The 10 Commandments


Here’s a slideshow                                                                                                                               of the 10                                                                                                                                                 Commandments.






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The 10 commandments

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The Ten commandments

This is a presentation about the Ten Commandments.

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The Ten Commandments

This is a presiontaion about the Ten Commandments. I did this in R.E.

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The Ten Commandments

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Spending Time With My Cousins Dog

Today me and my cousins dog called Lucky had a great time. We was playing in the garden with a frizby, Lucky was angry because he couldn’t catch the frizby so he started to chase me it was funny then after that we was jumping on the trampoline. I always have a great time with Lucky my favourite dog which is a German Sheperd. 🙂

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A week in the life of year 5:

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Model village

For the past couple of weeks we have been planning,making and creating a model villlage.The whole school had a different topic,the lower juniors did a roman villlage,the infants did a seaside topic and the upper juniors did a model village modern topic.I wold like to say well done to everyone who took part and the whole thing looks amazing.

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The world cup

The world cup is a event were all the countries come and play football ball and it comes every 4 years and it last’s for 4 weeks it is starting today and here is clip and here’s a link of the table of the world cup.

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Persuading you to become a digital Leader

In digital leaders we have been making videos to persuade people to become a digital leader.


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Brazil 2014

What does this picture make you think about?


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A plea for help

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Orally retelling





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What am I?

I am an animal, 

I have a long neck,

I eat grass,

I can be found in a zoo,

I am a light orange,

I have brown spots,

I have a red tongue,

Can you guess what I am?



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Pie Corbett

Pie Corbett is an author, story teller and teacher. He is coming to visit us soon. I hope he teachers us how to retell a story good and how we could retell stories  better. Here is a link to Pie Corbett’s website. I hope you like it! I think that Pie Corbett has visited our school before. Have you ever met Pie Corbett? If you haven’t would you like to? I would like to met Pie Corbett. Thanks for reading my blog post! 🙂 🙂

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The Ten Commandments

This story is when Moses was looking after his sheep a voice came to him and said, ” Moses! Tell the king to free the people!” At first the Egyptians king refused to free his slaves. God sent plagues and flies and other terrible things until the king in and let the Israelites go. Moses led them out of Egypt. But it wasn’t long before the king changed  his mind and sent his soldiers to chase after them. When the Israelites reached the red sea, God parted the waves and they walked to safety on the dry land. The Israelites were free and last.

God looked after the Israelites as they walked though the desert. When they reached a mountain called Mount Sinai and Moses climbed up it and that’s were God gave him the Ten Commandments.


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DT – Model Village #2

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Are you doing the right thing ?

It’s silly … we have rules that ALL OF US don’t follow . But we have rules to keep us safe and ANIMALS have a look at this .

                                                       Have you thought about it then, look at those harmed animals .

Are we selfish enough to do this ?

Do you need to be the one who litters ?

Because every drop of litter you put on the ground means you are killing animals and creatures you love .

Don’t let the world down , make God happy , make the sun shine .


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Happy Birthday Jessica

Yesterday was Jessica’s birthday and my present to her is  , for you to go on her blogs and comment , and a reminder to all,  that a man called Mr Mitchell has kindly given us advice to make outstanding comments .

Blog Walk

Jessica’s blog  

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The River Fairy

Our new Literacy block of learning is about stories from other cultures. Not only are we reading and listening to a range of stories, but we are also trying to retell them orally, which is how lots of stories have been passed down in other cultures.

This week we have read and story-mapped a variety of stories in groups. In the video below, you can see how one group have done, and how well they retell their story (The River Fairy, from Uganda). They have been thinking about the advice that Pie Corbett has given them.

What do you think of this story?

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Thankyou Mr Mitchell

Today a very generous man came to our school to help us improve our writing to make it even better , I appreciate what he has done to our blog , he invited more people to visit our blog . Please do the same things by tweeting , calling and texting your friends to visit our blog at

Thankyou for your cooperation .

Thank you Mr Mitchell again for a wonderful lesson 🙂


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Democracy , Freedom and Responsibility

What do you think of country ? Are we free ? Do we all have a responsibility ? but how about democracy , do we give people a chance to speak for themselves ?

In R.E we are learning about Freedom and Responsibility and that got me thinking if Democracy made everyone part of a family . No one is doing anything wrong and no one is doing anything right . Wait a minute , How does this link to R.E ? Well we are FREE do choose who can be the President and we don’t have rules that can stop us from having fun and excitment . Our responsibility is to listen to people’s ideas , because some people have there chance to say what they want to say but they don’t listen to others . Some times we have too much freedom and no responsibility at all .

Task : Lets equal our freedom and responsibility 🙂

Think about how other countries feel about their freedom and responsibility they would really appreciate this kind of freedom and responsibility .

Think about working as a team .


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The floating islands above watch over the land of Pandora. Spying on avatars. Hearing the calm stream flowing, with shining glitters in it. Meanwhile, the birds flap their wings. Imagine being high in the sky, watching every little thing that happens, being covered by fog: this is the life of floating upside down mountains. It felt miserable being alone all the time. 

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This wonderful oasis of life,flowers scattered around like corn on a plate. The luminous paradise, a breeze softly brushing like a bath of petals,slowly easing your distress.Water,glittering, as it flows lightly. Flajes’s ascend carelessly;trees enclosed in a envelope of moss. The vines hang lifeless, while Viper Wolves quietly lay in wait for it’s victims. Neon like mushrooms innocently sitting on the smooth pebbles – This is ….. PANDORA!

Try this link!

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The luminous oasis glistens as night awakens from its slumber . The glowing animals float around the sky, lighting the night with its colour. The water shines like a diamond as it drifts away. Viper Wolves roam the area, while the Floaterfish ( pink flying jellyfish ) floats around this paradise in Pandora.

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Pandora by Leon and Shardaina

This hidden kingdom,which is coverd by fog like a blanket,whatches over pandora.Dagger like cactus spikes threaten to peirce my skin,as a beard of plants cover drifting rocks.The sun light dapples reflections on the tranquil lake,silent regimented trees stand on gaurd,staring at whatever roams by,pointy rocks are surrouned by demons.Jagged edges of rocks made my hand pour out with crimson blood.Terrifying,evil,creepy-would you take the risk and come to pandora?

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