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Italy website by Bradley,Guerschom and Jack

click this link to see a website about Italy.

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R.E Topic Poster

This is a poster that me and Bradley T did in R.E. I hope you like it!

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What i learnt today

Today we had a visit from Mr Mitchell who created quad blogging . Quad blogging is when you comment on someones blog and then they leave you a comment on your blog . I learnt how to leave a quality … Continue reading

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The Direhorse by Bradley T and Emma

The viscous creature, with blood-red eyes and dark, scaly skin, blends in with the shadows stalking it’s prey. Without warning, the squiddle is squashed by the Direhorse’s heavy hooves, which end the squiddle’s pain and misery. Wolfing down the tiny … Continue reading

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On Thursday i finished school and took it upon myself to walk home on my own so that i could have a play in the park before my Mum got home from work.As i approached the park there were two … Continue reading

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slow writing

As cold as ice, What could this be? Next i felt a blow of coldness on my neck.What was it? A breathless bitterly body bent beside me. Next i turned and saw a beautiful cuddly furry bear.

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Sporty people to Cadbury’s

listen to ‘Sporty people to Cadbury’s’ on Audioboo

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Our song

Today in class me and Bradley T made a peace of music. It’s was for a video for WWII. Hope you enjoy listening to it!

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ww2 poem

Wikimedia Commons photojojo3

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Romeo and Juliet

Bradley, Bradley, Sulaman and Kacper were thinking about the feelings experienced by Romeo and Juliet at different points in the play. Do you agree with them?  

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