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Italy website by Bradley,Guerschom and Jack

click this link to see a website about Italy.

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pandora by guerschom

It’s was an ireland, in a world of mystic danger.Trees like lollypop sticks with green hair on top invading the sky , but they were surrounded by the soaring summits of the majestic mountains.

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Banshee by Shardaina and Guerschom

This haunting creature,with skin injecting teeth,rules the pandora sky searching for new prey.Quickly,she folds in her wings and dives deeply from the sky like a shooting star.Shae glanced at her next meal licking her claws she saw the Shiger.Racing towards … Continue reading

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slow writing

slow writing quickly i blasted out of the plane.what? where? when? when we got here i stepped in, it was like heaven i couldn’t believe my eyes.I saw gold it was wonderful.They looked magical.

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reading blog book review

this book is about a boy that has a comic with a dog and the dog comes out of the comic.i like the book because its very different than an normal life. i don’t like it because i think its … Continue reading

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As the sun rose I woke up to go for a quick peaceful walk with my dog Dillon. When we arrived at the park we went to go and feed the greedy ducks some  bread. Then all of a sudden … Continue reading

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