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Spanish website

This is a link to our website all about Spain that we have worked very hard on. We hope you enjoy .

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CAFOD Poster

This is a poster that i did in R.E.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

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summer fair

In the summer I had a good time it was at school on the field i was playing a football match in the school it was £1 and 3 turns.

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Spending Time With My Cousins Dog

Today me and my cousins dog called Lucky had a great time. We was playing in the garden with a frizby, Lucky was angry because he couldn’t catch the frizby so he started to chase me it was funny then … Continue reading

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Hammerhead Tythanasaurus by Kacper

This massive a  creature with rotten hair, shoots high above Pandora. Suddenly, she jets down to the forest her face turns angry.  

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Alton Towers #2

listen to ‘Alton Towers #2’ on Audioboo

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The Children by Kacper and Aeroplane at war by Sadie

listen to ‘Aeroplane at war : Sadie ’ on Audioboo listen to ‘The children kacper’ on Audioboo ` Image from Wikipedia

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Asthma Presentation

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Today it was a beautiful sunny day,me and my friend wanted to go fishing!We jumped into a huge,brown boat trying not to land in the clear,blue water. Suddenly,the clouds started to fill the dark,grey black sky.Water sprayed  down from heaven.The … Continue reading

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Romeo and Juliet

Bradley, Bradley, Sulaman and Kacper were thinking about the feelings experienced by Romeo and Juliet at different points in the play. Do you agree with them?  

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