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In the past few weeks,we have been working on our own websites to do with our own world cup countries.Have a look at what we have been working on,I hope you will be blown away at our site,Portugal.:)  

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Pandora Landscape By Alex and Nadia

The soft malleable clouds lost upon the tranquilent Pandora, toxic air filling emmaculet Pandora. The taunting sound of vicious, vial, vulgar beasts rome the land. Rippeling river like emptying a water bottle, little droplets forming a magical stream. The leaves … Continue reading

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This majestic, ferocious, venomous, leonoptryx waiting to strike its prey. Scars stain her body of the fearsome battle she fought. Her lava eyes put fear in the enemy . She plummets down and cages the Squitraffenox. Then all sudden , … Continue reading

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Concentration camp music

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Niamh, Nadia

listen to ‘Niamh, Nadia’ on Audioboo

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World War 2 Poem

The beautiful sky showered me with wonder The planes crackled through the golden dawn The sun beamed through the clouds trying to escape talking to me in a tender voice   I could hear the air whispering in my ears, … Continue reading

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D.I.F.T (Do It For Them)

That is the charity that I would do for people finding cures doing everything I could for the sick. Slogan: look at what you can do for them. Mission Statement:We aim to help people across the world. We help by … Continue reading

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The class room

The clock ticks like a time bomb Display boards bleed with coulor Lockers bang like a drum Feltips are a rainbow that spreads their happines and joy Pencils dance across the page showing their boogie to the disco beat

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My Ending Of Skellig!!!

On Friday, I speeded downstairs to the basement the horrible stench had faded into the air, the rotting meat layed in a bowl. I heard a swush it was Dillon . “Dillon Dillon Dillon!” cried Charlie I shouted for Arianna … Continue reading

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100 WC

One sunny morning, Robert woke up and got ready had breakfast then went to his friends house next door. Robert rang the doorbell  DING DONG went the bell James and Joseph opened the door out they come.   “What do … Continue reading

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My Autobiography

I was born on January I am the only girl out all of the boys I am second youngest out of Jessie,Nancy,Benny and Sonny When I was born I came to my new home In Derby the house was really … Continue reading

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